Subspace mailing list server

Subspace is a mailing list service tailored to patch-based developer workflows. It aims to deliver mail to subscribers without violating any of the DMARC attestation requirements.


If you would like to subscribe to receive mail in your inbox, just send a message from your email account to the “sub” link provided in the list table. You will receive a confirmation message back with instructions on what to do next.

Other ways of participating

Many mailing lists hosted on are also made available via public-inbox archives which can be efficiently replicated, indexed, and accessed in a decentralized fashion. If a public-inbox archive is made available, the link to it will be provided in the list table.

We will be deploying other ways to subscribe to mailing list discussions in the near future, once newer features of public-inbox are released and become available for deployment.

Requesting list hosting

If you would like to host a mailing list on subspace, please send a request to describing your needs.


We can only host mailing lists dedicated to Linux development.


To report abuse of with any other requests, please email