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connman ConnMan network manager   sub / unsub / post / archive 15
containers Linux Container Development   sub / unsub / post / archive 120
ksummit Linux Kernel Summit discussions   sub / unsub / post / archive 342
landlock Landlock LSM user space discussions   sub / unsub / post / archive 13
linux-coco Linux Confidential Computing Development   sub / unsub / post / archive 27
linux-staging Linux kernel staging patches   sub / unsub / post / archive 22
linux-sunxi ARM Sunxi Platform Development   sub / unsub / post / archive 14
mptcp MPTCP Linux Development   sub / unsub / post / archive 53
nvdimm NVDIMM Device and Persistent Memory development   sub / unsub / post / archive 338
regressions Linux kernel regressions   sub / unsub / post / archive 8


  • a: announcements-only list with restricted posting
  • s: only subscribers may post
  • m: subscribers and/or posts to the list are moderated

Requesting list hosting

If you would like to host a mailing list on, please send a request to describing your needs. Please adhere to the following example template:

Subject: Create

Address    :
Description: Linux somesuch device drivers
Owners     : [,]
Allow HTML : y/N
Archives   : Y/n

Reasons for the list and additional info:
We need a separate list for somesuch device drivers.

If list posting needs to be restricted to subscribers or moderated, please include that into the request together with the explanation why this is required (usually reserved for announcement-type lists).


Since “linux” is already in the domain, there is generally no reason to name the list, unless you are migrating an existing list from another location or have some other convincing need to include linux- in the name.


We can only host mailing lists dedicated to Linux development.


To report abuse of with any other requests, please email